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Company : RJS Associates
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: Sr. Project Manager- Pulp & Paper

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Job Location : Green Bay - WI
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The Sr. Department Engineer Process Mechanical has overall responsible for the engineering needs of the assigned areas of the facility. This responsibility includes managing maintenance/capital projects and developing department reliability improvement plans. This position will identify process/mechanical reliability opportunity areas, implement creative solutions, support process control activities, and manage projects. Sr. Department Engineer will also be responsible for overall long-term capital and strategic planning the assigned area and supporting operations.

* Minimum of 5 10 years experience in a Mechanical, Civil or Paper Science Engineering role in an industrial operation;
* Proven reliability improvement results with a history of continuous improvement;
* Strong communication and leadership skills;
* Pulp and paper mill experience, with demonstrated strength in machinery and processes, and process control applications.
* Demonstrate the proven ability to lead large-scale capital improvement projects from inception to conclusion. * Experience in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies preferred.


* Bachelors degree in Mechanical, Civil or Paper Science Engineering required.

1. Manage all capital projects assigned for the area.
2. Design process/mechanical systems/equipment to provide a useful and safe workplace and to support a predictive based maintenance environment.
3. Develop and outline maintenance procedures for process mechanical systems/equipment to ensure maximum service life and utilization.
4. Advises mill operations personnel regarding systems/requirements available to meet their needs and comply with safety codes. Monitors installation of designed equipment/systems to ensure compliance with design specifications and safety codes.
5. Responds to departmental requests for changes in existing systems/equipments to modify/enhance the system/equipment to obtain desired results in a safe and cost effective manner.
6. Confers with maintenance personnel to receive input on existing systems and practices as well as possible alternatives to using existing conditions and equipment.
7. Participate in the Week-End Duty rotation to provide support for facility operations during week ends and holidays. Provide support and back-up for the process/mechanical engineers in other areas.
8. Reviews existing process/mechanical designs and specifications being purchased or fabricated. Review process/mechanical estimations for equipment and construction.
9. Provides requested services while meeting safety codes, specifications and budgetary limitations. Ensures the new systems are compatible with existing systems and operate without causing an overload.
10. Support efforts of Maintenance to troubleshoot problems.
11. Provide overall direction on strategic planning for the entire mill.
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Company : RJS Associates
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