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Company : Marek Employment Management Company (MEMCO)
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: Cleanroom Pipe Fitters

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Job Category : Construction Recruiters
Job Location : Austin - TX
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Seeking Skilled Craftsmen for
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Company : Marek Employment Management Company (MEMCO)
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Like a number of companies in a variety of industries, the Marek Family of Companies, uses non-traditional employment arrangements to dampen the wide swings in employment levels associated with project oriented work. More than 65 years of experience in workforce management coupled with the recognition of the value of alternative employment programs led the Marek Family of Companies to form MEMCO, a company dedicated to helping clients meet today's employment challenges.

Marek Employment Management Company (MEMCO) is a customer-oriented staffing and payroll firm dedicated to providing high quality services to employers. Services range from providing temporary workers to meet specific job needs, to long term employee management strategies such as temp-to-perm and payrolling - all of which utilize MEMCO to perform all employee/payroll related duties thus allowing client companies to focus on their operations and escape employment hassles, legal obligations and reporting requirements.
Our History

The Marek Family of Companies has secured workers on a temp to perm basis since 1987 as a risk management tool in order to shift the high costs of new hires to an outside entity. These costs included worker's compensation insurance, unemployment tax and the administrative costs associated with project oriented work, new hires and their high turnover.

The temp-to-perm arrangement along with traditional loss control initiatives became the cornerstone of Marek's risk management program.

In 1996, with the scarcity of skilled labor and a growing need for better recruiting, the staffing component was brought in to the Marek Family of Companies, joining other loss control programs to form MEMCO. Today, MEMCO is the staffing and risk management arm of the company with its staffing services forming the core of its services.

Currently, MEMCO provides skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers to approximately 100 clients outside the Marek umbrella of operations. While our clients operate in a variety of industries, we are widely held as the most knowledgeable and experienced provider of staffing services to the construction industry.