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Company : BASF Corporation
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: Construction Director

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Job Category : Facility - Building Owners
Job Location : Freeport - TX
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This position manages the North America Turnaround (TAR) and Construction Management Department. The Department provides TAR and construction management services for manufacturing facilities across BASF Corporation. The services range from expert consulting to direct management and supervision of TAR and construction activities. The primary objective of the Department is to execute large TAR and project construction activities safely, while meeting cost, schedule, and quality targets. This position will manage staff and assign them to activities based on Manufacturing, Project Management and Global TAR Management community needs. This position will also monitor the progress of those activities, providing the necessary guidance and decision making to help ensure their success. In addition, this position will oversee and provide input for the development and optimization of relevant corporate TAR and construction management procedures, work processes, best practices, and tools.

* Develop staffing plans for large TAR and construction activities and assign Department staff, providing them with both technical and administrative support during their assignments. Proper resource planning is critical to the success of these activities and is needed to effectively utilize the Department's human assets.
* Monitor the progress of large TAR and construction planning and scheduling and execution, providing guidance and corrective measures when performance targets are not being met and/or issues arise. Close monitoring of progress and a quick response to issues, is necessary to achieve schedule, cost, and quality targets.
* Develop staff by providing performance feedback, career development advice, and competency development through training. Staff development is key to building a high performance team.
* Oversee the development and optimization of corporate TAR & construction management procedures, work processes, best practices, and tools. This effort is coordinated on a global basis with-in BASF. In order for in-house construction and TAR management services to provide value, the above core elements must continuously be optimized in order to remain cost advantaged.
* Work with Procurement to establish the most efficient strategy for contractor resources and material supply based on the overall demand for turnarounds and projects in North America. Ensuring cost competitive contractor services and materials is key to providing cost advantaged services.
* Collaborate with Corporate EHS to improve TAR and construction safety procedures, guidelines, and programs. Executing work safely is the top priority for BASF.
* Collaborate with Operations, Business Unit, and Engineering management to define appropriate safety, cost, schedule, and quality targets for specific turnaround and construction jobs. Setting the right targets is an important factor in achieving the desired results.
* Monitor the contractor labor market and regional project/TAR planning in the industry, in order to provide strategic recommendations for potential project investments and TAR schedules. Accurate industry intelligence helps BASF in making sound investment and TAR scheduling decisions.


* This position must have extensive maintenance supervision and/or construction experience in the process industry. An in-depth knowledge of maintenance work execution and construction activities in capital projects is required. An in-depth knowledge and experience in the planning and execution of large (> $10M) turnarounds and execution of construction activities in larger projects is required.
* This position must have basic cross-discipline mechanical, civil, instrumentation, electrical, and construction knowledge with a core expertise in at least one of these areas.
* It is required to have a minimum of a BS degree in mechanical, civil, electrical, construction or chemical engineering
* The position must have strong communication and leadership skills
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Company : BASF Corporation
Company Description :
BASF is the worlds leading chemical company: The Chemical Company, and BASF Corporation, the North American affiliate of BASF SE, is the companys largest affiliate. BASF is currently the third largest producer and marketer of chemicals and related specialty and performance products in North America, which is the worlds largest chemical market.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we create chemistry, in our products and services, in harmony with nature and, most importantly, with people. We have more than 16,000 employees working across the region, from the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Our North American headquarters is in Florham Park, New Jersey.


This regional network includes approximately 100 production sites and 25 R&D facilities. BASF operates what we call Verbund sites, which are very large and highly integrated sites that serve multiple industries, in Freeport, Texas and Geismar, Louisiana. These key sites within the companys global production network join with other important manufacturing facilities across the region to meet customer needs around the world.

Major North American R&D sites are based in Iselin, New Jersey; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Tarrytown, New York; and Wyandotte, Michigan. BASF scientists are part of cooperative networks with 900 universities, institutions and companies around the world, including the BASF Advanced Research Initiative at Harvard University, an innovative model for university-industry collaboration.

The products made possible through BASF chemistry go into things you see, touch and use every day:
Construction materials that reduce energy consumption
Components that reduce your cars emissions and meet wide-ranging automotive needs
Sun block lotions that help protect you from UV rays
Fertilizers and agricultural products that increase crop production
Health and beauty care
Plus much more