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Company : Zilkha Biomass Energy
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: Vice President of Operations- Biomass

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Job Category : Energy Producers- Developers
Job Location : Houston - TX
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Based in Houston, Texas, the Vice President of Operations will oversee day to day operations of all Zilkha Biomass facilities as well as coordinating with Engineering Department to design and construct Black Pellet Plants and Zilkha Power Turbine Plants. The successful candidate will also have central responsibility for product quality (QA/QC).

Company Description

Zilkha Biomass Energy is a privately owned renewable energy company based in Houston, Texas. Please visit our website This is the third energy company built by Selim and Michael Zilkha over the past 25 years. We are the owners of a proprietary patented process that produces hard, waterproof wood pellets (Zilkha Black Pellets) for export to the European coal fired power plant market. We have locations and biomass agreements to build 18 pellet plants in North America over the next 5 years with total capacity of 4 million metric tonnes per year.

In addition, the company owns proprietary technology for a direct fired wood burning turbine to produce electricity and heat. The first plant, located in Jaffery, New Hampshire, is in the final stages of commissioning.

NOTES: Employer will assist with relocation costs.
Additional Salary Information: Competitive including annual bonus and equity participation.

Engineering degree preferred but not required. Candidate should have extensive operating experience in the forest products industry, preferably pulp and paper operations or board/OSB manufacturing.

Must be a good people person capable of managing a large organization. The Vice President of Operations will be a key member of the top management of the company and will be very instrumental in building a large successful renewable energy company.
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Company : Zilkha Biomass Energy
Company Description :
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Zilkha Biomass Energy is one of the worlds leaders in innovative alternative energy solutions utilizing biomass. Zilkha Biomass Energy makes power out of woody biomass and produces base loaded natural renewable fuel providing good long term jobs both in the field and in our plants. Zilkha Biomass Fuels produces the Zilkha Black Pellet, a proprietary waterproof biomass pellet that is transportable like coal and is the Clean Renewable Alternative to Coal. Zilkha Biomass Power operates a proprietary direct-fired biomass-fueled gas turbine unit that powers commercial and industrial facilities. Zilkha Biomass Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer - M/F/D/V.

BIOMASS IS the worlds oldest & most efficient solar battery.

The amount of sunlight that reaches the earths surface during one hour is sufficient to power the entire world for a year (1). But the question is: How do we collect that energy? Sunlight disperses everywhere, shining all over the whole globe, making the energy very difficult to collect in a concentrated amount. While a tiny bit of this sunlight powers solar generators, a huge amount of this sunlight feeds trees and plants. And then these trees and plants store energy in their cells and, in effect, become solar batteries. By harvesting these solar batteriesthis biomasswe are harnessing the power of the sun.