Topjobs Insulation Installer Installed Building Products (IBP)
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Job Title

: Insulation Installer

Job Category
: Building Products - Equipment
Job Location
: Jacksonville - FL
Job Description

This position entails stapling fiberglass or rock wool batts to exterior walls and ceilings before drywall, paneling, or plaster walls are put in place.

· Loads and logs materials onto truck and makes notation of returned materials
· Erects scaffolding or ladders
· Cuts the insulation materials to the size required
· Attaches insulation materials by stapling, gluing, wiring or nailing
· Operates equipment that injects loose fill or foamed insulation
· Repairs and maintains existing insulation
· Observe job site safety rules and know the location of the MSDS packets in your vehicle
· Maintain tools and truck housekeeping
· Follow all driving safety rules at all times
· Other duties as assigned


· High School diploma or GED preferred
· Maintain a valid driver’s license in the state employed
· Must have experience in residential and commercial insulation
· Able to pass DOT physical




Insulation workers must be able to use common hand tools—trowels, brushes, knives, scissors, saws, pliers, and stapling hammer. Insulation workers must be able to read job instructions and record materials to work order. Insulation workers must be able to work in tight places or in high places from ladders or scaffolding. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. Must be able to climb ladders and scaffolding. Must be able to bend, twist and turn body at shoulders, waist and knees to handle and install insulation. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.


Works in a construction environment; ability to adapt to extreme temperature ranges is preferred.

Employment Type
Posting Date
:03 Dec 2010