Topjobs Sales Manager - Nuclear Leeco Steel, LLC
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Job Title

: Sales Manager - Nuclear

Job Category
: Building Products - Equipment
Job Location
: Open - USA
Job Description

This position is accountable and responsible for providing profitable growth utilizing innovative management techniques. Sales Managers are directly responsible for protecting the branch facility assets and maintaining a high level of ethics in all transactions. Directs service, distribution, sales and marketing for the branch by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates.

* Able to learn nuclear QA requirements and develop programs to meet quality, delivery and profitability strategies to provide a return on capital consistent with company objectives.

* Adapt pricing and sales effort to the global market and competitive conditions, and make recommendations on investment in processing equipment.

* Coordinates production, distribution, warehousing, and sales in accordance with policies, principles, and procedures established by management and the nuclear QA manual.

* Confers with customers and representatives of associated industries to evaluate and promote improved and expanded services.

* Supports QA audits by outside organizations and maintains records in accordance with nuclear QA program.

* Reviews production costs and product quality, and modifies production and inventory control programs to maintain and enhance profitable operation of division.

* Reviews operations of competing organizations and plans and directs internal sales program to develop new sources of supply.

* Works with Nuclear QA Manager as a peer on a daily basis to meet all regulatory and customer requirements.

Employment Type
Posting Date
:03 Dec 2010